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Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Dr. David Hovey and AssociatesParental alienation is a real issue.  As a separated or divorced parent, are you experiencing your once kind and loving child as dismissive and disconnected from you?  Do you feel your ex-partner or spouse has convinced your child, ex-in-laws and anyone else who will listen that you are a bad person who should be avoided at all costs? Do you find your ex has been lying about your behavior, both past and present, in order to portray an inescapably negative picture of you?  Do your children put down where you live, what you do, or the activities you once enjoyed together?

On the other hand, it may be that, as a child, you lost ties with one of your parents because of things the other parent said or did, and are now feeling the loss of that relationship. The journey back to the parent you lost may feel at times difficult, or even impossible. At Dr. David Hovey and Associates we understand this struggle. We help our clients to sort through this pain, and develop strategies to effectively work through it.

Parental alienation is a very real situation that affects children, adults and extended families on both sides. It is almost exclusively associated with divorce or separation, and is motivated by one partner wanting to completely separate and exclude the other from any type of family involvement.  This is particularly true around parent-child relationships.

The alienating parent will typically actively interfere with the other parent’s ability to contact their child by phone or email, be inflexible around scheduling visitation, interrupt visitation time with repeated phone calls and texts, or even stop visitation altogether. All of this is an attempt to coerce the child and distort his or her perception, first separating, then alienating and finally completely estranging the other parent. This separation is every bit as much a loss for the child as it for the estranged parent, the effects of which can be devastating for both.

At Dr. David Hovey and Associates, we understand this and we are here to support you through this troubling time. We appreciate the emotional burden you are carrying, as well as the negative social—and possibly even legal—consequences your ex-spouse’s actions may have for you.

In working with you, the expert counselors at Dr. David Hovey and Associates will focus on helping you manage your experience of parental alienation and rebuild the relationships that have been destroyed through the intentionally harmful and misguided actions of others.

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