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Robin Johnson, MFT

Robin Johnson is a family therapist who works with individuals, couples and families to lower anxiety androbin-head-shot_edited-1 improve communication within both the family and extended family. His experience demonstrates that this type of therapy can positively affect earlier life trauma or neglect that has possibly been unwantedly carried forward into current relationships. Therapy is often about helping couples or families identify and work towards healing challenges in their communication and care for each other.

Much of the research in this field is new and has only become available in the past ten years. The field is moving swiftly and having recent and ongoing training is a necessity for the work to be effective.

The two therapeutic modalities Robin works with are Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR), as well as Internal Family Systems and Structural Family Therapy. These methods have been shown to help clients with boundaries and roles, as well as emotional intimacy and clearing past issues that cloud current relationships.

Mindfulness is also an important part of Robin’s practice, and he works with clients on integrating health, nutrition and spirituality into their everyday experience. With clients who have an important faith dimension in their lives, he is in a position to meaningfully incorporate aspects of their worldview and spirituality into therapy. Robin is also a believer in tools, presenting techniques and specific tools to help his clients live their lives to the fullest.

Robin’s relevant life experience includes juggling work-life balance; business coaching that is informed by having run a variety of companies over the past two decades; coping with loss; households with special needs; and raising high energy children.  His cross-cultural experience is also well-informed, having lived and worked all over the world.

If, in the past, you’ve found therapy unsatisfying, and passive, Robin’s engaging, and often humorous, style will be a very different experience for you.  His clients consistently find working with him rewarding and deeply satisfying.

For inquiries about Robin’s practice, his clinical offerings, or any other services, please contact his office by calling Dr. David Hovey and Associates at  (860) 571-4646  or by completing the form on our Contact page.